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New Hire Safety Essentials

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In “New Hire Safety Essentials”, safety must be a worker’s number one priority when handling, using and storing compressed gas cylinders. They present some very specific hazards that can be the source of serious injury. With the average cylinder weighing about 8 pounds, unsafe handling techniques result in thousands of sprains, strains, bruises and broken bones each year. In addition, various contents of gas cylinders can pose additional hazards: flammable or explosive gases, substances that displace breathable air or create a toxic atmosphere or gases that may be corrosive or toxic to the skin and eyes. This safety training video reviews the safe work practices that can help workers prevent injuries and property damage when working with or around compressed gas cylinders. Topics include: Preparing to Handle Cylinders Safe Transportation & Handling Securing Cylinders Proper Hook Up Testing for Leaks Cylinder Storage.

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