We recognize that every industry and most facilities have unique training needs; needs that could be addressed most effectively through custom video production. It’s just common sense that employees retain information better when they can relate to the situations and environments depicted in the video.

Video shot on location at your facilities can have a huge impact on viewer interest and content retention. We can develop a script from the ground up and shoot at your facilities, delivering a broadcast quality production. Or we can use a script developed by you or footage supplied by your organization and still deliver a high quality program that your employees will relate to. And because we work to fit your needs and budget it’s more affordable than you may think. FAQ About Custom Media Production

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Earn Royalties On Custom Video Production
There’s another great way to reduce the cost of custom video production. The program we produce for you may be of interest to many of the trainers who use our off the shelf Safety and Human Resource videos. By allowing us to produce a generic version of your custom program we are able to market the video to these customers and pay your organization royalties on the sales and rentals. Aurora Pictures does all the marketing and order fulfillment. Each quarter we will send you a sales report and a royalty check. It’s that easy. You can recover some or all of your production investment and have a custom program as well.

Give us a call and we’ll work out an arrangement that meets your needs.