A skilled presenter can have an enormously positive effect on an audience. We have worked with all of these safety speakers and find them insightful, energizing and able to help instill a culture of safety.

Michael Melnik

Michael S. Melnik, MS, OTR, is a speaker at many of the nation’s largest conferences and corporations. He has delivered his powerful, energy-filled message to more than 175,000 participants across the country. Michael’s presentations and workshops can be customized to accommodate your company’s needs, interests and time frame.

Martin Lesperance

Martin Lesperance is an entertaining speaker who deals head-on with the topic of safety. His humorous style and light-hearted approach effectively convey the message that safety is vital. A professional keynote speaker, Martin has presented at conferences, facilitated workshops, and spoken to associations and corporations throughout North America. Employed as a professional firefighter and paramedic, this best-selling author will demonstrate safety tips and drive home information that will prevent injuries, both on and off the job!

David and Jaime Dyck

David was involved in a horrendous workplace explosion in while working on the top of a tank truck. The explosion blew David through the building roof, 30 feet into the air. He then fell back through the same hole landing on the top of the truck. David was hospitalized for five weeks suffering numerous internal and external injuries. He was confined to a wheel chair for several months. If not for the PPE David was wearing that day he would surely have lost his eyesight and suffered greater injuries.
His miraculous survival has led to him being known as: “Explosion Man – The Man Who Lived”. David and his wife Jamie now share their story of the importance of workplace safety but also of the effect accidents and injuries have on others. Their story encompasses not just the elements of job place safety, it also includes a story of motivation, determination and inspiration coupled with believing!  Their story has a lasting impact and can be tailored to your specific group or organization.

Candace Carnahan

As a college student, Candace worked summers in a paper pulp mill. Following commonly used short cuts tragically resulted in losing loosing her left leg from the knee down. Candace dramatically describes this tragedy and the safety lessons she learned from it. Her story will help your employees realize that the first step to not being injured is knowing that you can be injured.
Candace also does powerful motivational presentations about removing roadblocks and celebrating attitudes and behaviors that promote success – both personal and professional.


  • Corporate Events
  • Health and Safety Conferences
  • New Worker Orientations
  • Management Teams

Jeff Odie Espenship

As a USAF A-10 Thunderbolt fighter pilot and international airline pilot, Jeff “Odie” Espenship knows how to operate safely and lead others who work in high risk and sometimes dangerous work environments. However, when pilots make mistakes, accidents happen, people get hurt, equipment is damaged, vehicles crash, there is often a failure or breakdown in human performance. It starts with “The Little Things.”
Being a leader in the workplace is not about having a title, leadership is about ATTITUDE! “Fighter Pilot” is an ATTITUDE. Odie’s presentation will encourage your employees to embrace an attitude of pursuing perfection, and achieving excellence on every job, every mission, every time. We start with ourselves! We all carry the incredible responsibility of being able to influence the behaviors of those around us. That makes us all leaders. Do not take it lightly!
Jeff, “Odie” Espinship’s presentations are customized, multi-media “Edu-taining” presentations that will motivate and encourage your team to embrace the leadership, culture, safety initiatives that your company has in place for them! Odie considers each member of his audience to be “fighter pilots”. They are hard working, highly skilled, well trained, get-it-done people who know how to operate with precision. Many of them may work in high risk and often dangerous work industries such as Chemical, Construction, Petroleum, Utility, Nuclear, Manufacturing, or aviation. The operators, mechanics, technicians, welders, engineers, chemist, nurses, and doctors of these industries are just like a fighter pilots! However, it is the “The Little Things” that cause failures in the cockpit and on the job! Odie’s presentation will motivate, encourage and inspire your employees to embrace and lead a culture of safety in your workplace.

Jim Elzinga

Jim Elzinga, leader of the Canadian Everest Light Expedition. This team set a new standard of success on Everest; a small team climbing a daring new route with limited resources and, above all, no fatalities. Four years earlier, on Jim’s first Everest expedition, four people had been killed, there were leadership issues, and half the team left, including Jim, determined to return with a better approach. And they did: with the history-making Everest Light Expedition, which drew on Jims crucial talents as a motivator, inspirational team leader and master of team process.
How his team achieved this remarkable feat and the discoveries he made as leader of the expedition are the subject of Jim Elzinga’s inspiring keynote presentations. Jim’s keynotes are supported by slides and video shot on location during Jim’s two Everest expeditions.

Jacy Good

In May 2008, Jacy Good and her parents were enjoying a great day of accomplishment –Jacy’s college graduation. But that day was shattered when a young man on a cell phone caused a devastating collision that took the lives of Jacy’s parents and left her in a coma. Her brain injury has left her with physical, speech and cognitive impairment. But Jacy’s story is an inspiration also. Since the collision Jacy has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers of cell phone use while driving.
Jacy has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and has spoken at the United Nations and conferences nationwide. Her powerful presentation can help your employees realize the dangers and irreparable damage that can be caused by using cell phones while behind the wheel. Her story is featured in the video titled Hang Up and Drive: The Jacy Good Story. Bring Jacy to your organization and change the destructive cell phone culture.