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Bear Safety Awareness

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Bear sightings throughout North America have been on the rise in recent years due to a thriving bear population. Because this population has been expanding so rapidly, it has increased the possibility of encountering a bear in most areas of the US and Canada. While bear attacks are uncommon, it is important that you know and follow basic precautions when you are in areas that bears are known to inhabit.

In this program, EMT/Firefighter/Best-Selling Author Martin Lesperance reviews the safeguards that should be taken to prevent bear attacks as well as the reactionary measures to take should an attack occur.

Topics include:

  • Traits and characteristics of bears
  • Signs of bear presence
  • Food sources
  • Staying out of bear trouble
  • How to react to defensive and non-defensive attacks
  • How to properly use bear spray
  • Precautions to take while camping and hunting
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