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We all know that good communication skills are critical in every business environment. We also know that communication often breaks down. When there’s a breakdown, we usually think the solution is to speak more clearly. But often, the solution is better listening.Each of us has a habitual way of listening’a way of fitting what we hear into our preconceived notions. We are captives of our way of listening, often unaware that what we hear is not what others are saying.Listening is a skill that needs to be developed. In this communication video, viewers watch the communication taking place during a typical morning at an office.

Learning points include: Clear speaking does not guarantee clear listening.Listening is always interpretive. Culture and personal history shape listening. Perceptions about relative power can limit the exchange of ideas.Changes in mood cause changes in listening. Effective communication requires listening beyond the words. Don’t take listening for granted.

Use this video to teach your staff the skills that will make them better listeners’and thus better communicators.

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