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Crane Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments

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Employees lift and move things on the job every day, but when a human’s strength isn’t enough, cranes can provide the major lifting power that’s needed to get the job done. Their lifting abilities are indispensable for many industrial and construction operations; however, they can also create serious hazards for the people who work with them. Crane-related accidents not only damage materials and equipment but can also cause injuries and even fatalities. To avoid these problems, employees need to understand the hazards that can be associated with using cranes, the federal regulations that have been established to address those hazards and the equipment and procedures they should use to lift, move and land loads safely. This program reminds employees about the hazards that are associated with using cranes and how they can avoid them. Topics include three basic types of cranes, OSHA Crane Standards, crane inspection, preparing a boom lift for operation and how to rig, lift, move and land a load safely.

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