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Electrocution Hazards in Construction Environments Pt. 2: Employer Responsibilities

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Electricity kills more than a hundred construction workers each year, making electrocution the fourth leading cause of death in the industry. Also, construction workers suffer more than half of all the electrical injuries that occur on the job in this country. To help employers ensure that their employees can work safely with and around electricity, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has established electrical safety standards for general industry and construction. To avoid accidents and injuries, employees need to understand the different types of electrical hazards that can be encountered on construction sites, the OSHA regulations that address them and the responsibilities that employers have to protect their workers from these hazards. This program reminds employers what must be done on a job site to reduce or eliminate electrical hazards and avoid injury.

Topics include OSHA’s electrical standards for construction, overhead power line safety precautions, safe use and inspection of power tools, protecting workers from ground faults, energy isolation, energy guarding and lockout/tagout.

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