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Hospitality OSHA 7: GHS – Hazard Communications

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The chemical safety part of your company’s safety and health program is called Hazard Communications/Right-to-Know and oftentimes just referred to as HazCom, but it’s really information employees need to know to protect themselves from potential hazards associated with the use, handling, storing and disposing of chemicals and other hazardous substances. As hospitality workers, they might associate hazardous chemicals with industrial applications or large spills they see on television and that would be correct, but chemicals or hazardous substances are everywhere and they’re in your workplace. This program discusses the universal safety rules associates can follow to stay safe while handling chemicals on their jobs. Topics include the written HazCom Plan, container label requirements, key information contained in a label, how to respond to exposures, taking labels seriously and following their directions, Safety Data Sheets and using chemicals purchased from local retail stores.

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