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OSHA 10 Hour Training For General Industry: Emergency Response and Fire Prevention

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Electricity is such a familiar part of our surroundings, that it is often is not treated with the respect it deserves. Complacency and a general lack of understanding about the dangers of electricity contribute to many electrical-related injuries and fatalities each year. Most of these incidents could have been prevented had electrical safe work practices been followed. As part of its various regulations and standards, OSHA requires electrical safety practices to be implemented in the workplace and that’s the purpose of this program—to discuss how various electrical hazards are created and the procedures employees must follow to prevent these hazards from causing shocks and electrocutions. Topics include how electricity works, circuit interrupters, Ohm’s Law, conductors and insulators, using grounding to reduce shock, double-insulated tools and GFCIs, responding to electric shock and arc flash and burn hazards.

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