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OSHA 10 Hour Training For General Industry: Hazard Communication

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Hazardous chemicals are found in more than 7 million workplaces and over 55 million employees handle, use or work around these potentially harmful substances throughout North America. While these substances are essential to many work processes in a variety of industries, they can also be very dangerous. Effects from worker exposure to hazardous chemicals can range from mild skin irritation to severe burns to the eyes or skin to death from various types of exposure. Because of the dangers presented by hazardous chemicals, OSHA, developed the Hazard Communication Standard, CFR 1910.1200, that requires companies to develop a written Hazard Communication Program that communicates the hazards of workplace chemicals to all employees. This program provides an in-depth discussion of the Hazard Communication Program and how its policies, procedures and essential elements function to keep employees safe when working with and around hazardous chemicals. Other topics include The Global Harmonizing System, hazard classification, container labels, pictograms, signal words, hazard and precautionary statements and Safety Data Sheets.

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