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Powerlift Lifting Techniques For A Healthy Back Concise

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Most workers have been instructed to lift objects safely by using the “old way” of lifting; unfortunately, this method contains many flaws that result in unnecessary and very harmful stress on our backs. Lifting while balancing on the balls of our feet, too much bending of the knees, leverage that places excessive force on the lower back and overextending the spine beyond its base of support are all problems associated with this approach.

To eliminate the harmful effects of the old way of lifting, Dr. Mike Schaefer, a licensed orthopedic and chiropractic doctor, has developed the PowerLift technique. This program demonstrates how to combine various lifts and postures associated with Dr. Schaefer’s PowerLift technique to overcome the real world challenges presented by many material handling situations.

Topics include:

  • Advantages of a wider stance while lifting
  • Creating a basic PowerLift
  • The “Tip the Load,” Bridging & Lean Bar Techniques
  • The Tripod Lift & the Golfer’s Bend
  • Performing PowerLift pushes & pulls
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