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Rigging Safety in Industrial and Construction Environments

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The loads that cranes lift can come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is the potential to cause serious problems if they are mishandled. Loads that have been improperly rigged can be dumped on the ground, start to spin or swing out of control, all of which creates hazards for anything or anyone near them. To prevent accidents and injuries during crane operations, riggers need to understand the hazards that are associated with lifting and moving loads as well as the equipment and safe work practices that they can use to avoid them. This program reminds employees about the hazards that are associated with raising loads by crane or when loads aren’t rigged correctly and the equipment and work procedures they should use to avoid those hazards. Topics include the rigger’s role in lifting and moving loads, sling selection, how sling angles affect tension, three basic types of hitches, standard hand signals, how to prepare to lift a load and how to lift, move and lower a load safely.

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