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Safety Housekeeping And Accident Prevention

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Some workplace hazards are obvious and some may be harder to recognize, but they all can cause accidents that decrease production and may result in painful injuries and even death for employees. These risks can often be reduced significantly when workers follow good housekeeping procedures and other accident prevention practices. Employees first need to understand the importance of having a “good safety attitude”. They also need to know how to maintain their workplace to prevent accidents and how to avoid exposure to on-the-job hazards by choosing and using the appropriate personal protective equipment. This combination of good housekeeping and accident prevention knowledge and skills help workers recognize workplace hazards ahead of time and take action to prevent them, before accidents and injuries occur. This program is designed to present the basics of good safety housekeeping and accident prevention practices. Topics include developing a good safety attitude, maintaining our work environment, proper use of tools and equipment, handling and storing hazardous chemicals, spill response and personal protective equipment.

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