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Silica Safety in Industrial And Construction Environments

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Respirable crystalline silica can create severe health problems for anyone who breathes it. OSHA estimates that more than 100,000 employees in general industry as well as 2 million construction workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica on the job each year. In order to work safely, employees need to understand the hazards of silica dust and the regulations that have been created to help protect them from it. They should also be able to recognize silica hazards that they may encounter in their workplace and know the equipment and safe practices they should use to reduce their exposure to respirable crystalline silica. This program reminds employees about the hazards of silica dust and what they can do to avoid them. Topics include silicosis, OSHA’s Silica Standards, Table 1 of the Construction Standard, the Exposure Control Plan, housekeeping, personal protective equipment and medical surveillance.

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