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The First Step

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This is the story about how one wrong step, one wrong action can change your life forever. Candace Carnahan, a young college student, worked summers at a paper mill in her home town. She had worked at the mill three years and was comfortable with the work and familiar with the environment; so familiar that she thought nothing of taking an often used shortcut – stepping over a conveyor system that ran at floor level. But one day she stepped too short, catching her foot in the conveyor and eventually losing her left leg from the knee down. Candace dramatically describes this tragedy and the safety lessons she learned from it. Her story will help your employees realize that the first step to not being injured is knowing that you can be injured. Candace Carnahan can speak in person for your company or event. Aurora Pictures can work with you to get this insightful and energizing speaker to help enable a culture of safety. Get more information about Live Presentations.

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