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The change of seasons often sneaks up on us. It seems that one moment we’re working under the autumn sunlight and the next we’re watching the first snowfall and listening for school closings. The onset of winter is also a busy time for everyone. Schedules get crowded. Deadlines creep up on us. We also have to prepare for are holidays and vacations. Amid all this activity, we often forget to make room for safety, but the winter months and the holiday season can create a number of special hazards that we need to watch out for. Whether we’re working, playing or traveling, we need to understand these hazards and know the equipment and safe practices that we should use to prevent accidents and injuries during the winter season. This program reminds employees about the special hazards that winter brings and what they should do to avoid them. Topics include dressing for winter, shoveling snow safely, preparing vehicles for cold weather, defensive driving, working outside in the cold, fire prevention and response and celebrating the holiday season safely.

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